My name is Charles (Chuck) Wendler, and this picture is the reason I am applying for the job of representing you in the New Mexico State House, District 33.  It is for family — yours and mine.  Isn’t it our hope to leave things better for our children?  You can see how blessed I am: a wonderful, supportive wife of 56 years, 3 successful children, 3 lovable in-laws and 6 adorable grandkids.  This photo was taken 8/1/14 at Langley AFB, Virginia, following Lt. Col. Christian Aguilar Wendler’s Twenty Year Retirement Ceremony.  God has been good.

Professionally, I served in the public sector for 37 years.  Eleven years as a teacher of science/math, and especially 26 years as a school administrator, provided valuable experience for me to work with budgets; address the safety and well-being of others; evaluate personnel and programs; make recommendations on personnel employment; and plan, implement and monitor goals for improvement.  I was held accountable for job performance.

I have also served in the private sector.  My wife and I have been small business owners for over 40 years.  We have experienced the challenges of entrepreneurship: taking risks; absorbing losses; contracting labor; maintaining quality product and services – all while meeting other responsibilities.

Permit me to speak of my wife, Isela, for she is a large part of who I am.  I have been truly blessed with her value system – one of integrity, self-responsibility, respectfulness and hard work.  Thankfully, she reminds me when I have fallen short.  Her story is one typical of a naturalized citizen.  She, as a young teen-ager, and her two younger sisters accompanied their parents, Jose and Petra Aguilar to the United States from Mexico.  The family followed Petra’s father, Inocente Meza, to Stahmann Farms.  Isela reminisces of her life, working in the onion fields, learning English and acculturating to her new home.  With strong self- motivation, initiative and perseverance, she attended Western NM University where she earned her teaching and counseling credentials.  Returning to her alma matter at Gadsden, she served as teacher and counselor.

So here I am with a desire to serve all, again, in the public sector with professional integrity.  As a New Mexico State Representative, from District 33, I will be your employee working to help bring about freedom, prosperity and peace to our Community.   I ask for your vote.  Thank you!



Charles (Chuck) Wendler